Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Great Bible History Resource

I love history and geography. As I get older, I love it and appreciate it even more. And as a believer, I love Biblical history just as much.

Our family recently was given a Christian DVD to view. Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches, is a documentary tracing the historical and geographical areas that the Apostle Paul journeyed in his 3 missionary journeys. The videography is great as you are able to see the present day areas and remains of the time in the New Testament Church where our fathers of the faith laid an important foundation to what we believe. The inspired Word of God was given during this time as well. The purpose of this DVD was not to teach through all the events of Paul's life, but rather to highlight the geographical areas of this ministry and how God directed this Apostle's movement.

Our Sunday School is studying the book of Acts and this has been a timely DVD to watch. Reading God's Word is great, but sometimes studying the history, culture, and geography can really help our understanding of what life was like when this precious Word was written.

Documentaries are not always children's favorites but it is important to introduce these to them as they give a visual of what may already be something they have learned or read.

Fish Flix is new to our family. It is great to have movie/entertaining companies who put out DVDs worth watching. They are also offering a $5.00 coupon to those who join their email list. You can join by visiting www.fishflix.com/5gift or texting 5-GIFT to 44222.

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