Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hats Off!!!

Some of us like change; others do not; still others think they do, but respond negatively once they are placed in the upsy-downsy spin cycle of change. That would be me most times.

And it is a time of change here on the Ponderosa. My big-little men have left the nest. They are on the journey that many of us take during our late teens and early twenties. A journey that can take one down a dark path. A journey that slams natural consequences in the face of the traveler. The sting is hard and fresh but many times God-ordained and life changing. This is my prayer.

My girls are headed down new roads as well. "Marie" will be a senior next year and as a young lady with special needs, she is headed into some new territory with volunteering and job placement and training. God has provided so many things in our path as of recently that show to be a great help. Schooling for her in pretty much done and now we are on to some serious life-skills preparation.

This will be my 14th year homeschooling. I will have my third senior in 3 years. But my youngest, "Inger" will be trying a new endeavor, "real" school, as she calls it. As a parent of 4 adopted children, I have tried with all my strength (and the help of the Lord) to wear all the hats required to be a mom, wife, teacher, friend, disciplinarian, etc., but after much prayer, we have a chosen a Christian School that seems to fit the needs of our sweetie. And the peace of God is ruling in our hearts make the last plans for our next school year. I never thought I would choose this route after home schooling for all these years, but I know it is time.

I have learned so much as a mom, wife, and daughter of the King as I have taught my children at home. But I have come to believe this year, that God sometimes changes the course we are on for our good and for a different outcome. I struggle with feelings of failure as I have not wanted to give up this "hat", but there are so many struggles relationally due to the aspect of adoption that I now sigh in relief that I can give someone else the duty of teaching Math, English and other needed things. I won't ever give up the rearing of her little heart and mind to know the things of God. I know this is my God-given job to do forever.


Elizabeth Dianne said...

I love your book reviews--please keep them coming--

There are stages of life that are just plain hard and painful--change is almost always hard--

But I know God has you and yours in the palm of His hand--praying for you as you make this adjustment.

Love, Dianne

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