Monday, September 21, 2015

Biblical Happiness

Joy is something all believers have to fight for. I have heard it said, "One chooses to be joyful. It is an act of the will." Yet, it seems so often directly related to our emotions. And this, I find, is where we believe a lie.

As I read Randy Alcorn's new book, Happiness, I was challenged afresh by many things; First and foremost, accepting the word happiness as synonymous with joy. He directed the reader to dive in and learn what the original languages in the Bible say in reference to happiness and proved quite successfully that happiness is a Biblical truth. So often, in Christian circles, we shy away from the word happiness, possibly, because it denotes more of a emotional response, and even more possibly, because the world mostly uses it in a way to describe their own joy. A joy that is a response to circumstances.

Mr. Alcorn reminds us that we have the ultimate reason for happiness. Our happiness should be found in our deep-seated faith and love in our Savior. Our happiness shouldn't be founded on our emotions, but our emotions are a God-given resource in which we can express all that God has done. Our happiness as believers comes from truth. The Truth, The Life. The Way.

This book is loaded with truth. It really is a theological study on happiness and how it fleshes out in a believer's life. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. The reader must take it slow and try to digest each section he lays out. Happiness is also a great reference book to redirect our minds when we are in the struggle for joy. This one will be next to my Bible study helps on my shelf for a long time.

Note: As part of the Tyndale Blogging Network, I received a free copy of this book.

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Elizabeth Dianne said...

Wow! Your review made me curious as to the book's entire contents--Yes, we have a lot to be happy about! Wonderful, beautiful Savior!