Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eight Years

Today marks the day that a special little girl came into our lives. 

Eight years ago a cute little button was moved in after a long couple of months of day visits. This sweet Hannah was in a home that took our hearts with her each time we had to leave her. Foster homes can be a difficult place and that's where our girl lived for almost 2 years before we were able to take her home.

Many days, my heart is wrenched by compassion at the decisions that adults make and how they affect little ones. My little lamb struggles in many ways. Most of all, how to love and accept love. 

So today, we remember that day well. And we are so grateful God chose her for our family. She has brought much joy to us. She has taught us how to love better too! Our prayer is that as she loves all God's creation she would see her Creator as glorious!  

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