Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Case For Grace - For Kids

Grace. It's a hard concept for children to get. Dang! Isn't it even difficult for us adults as well?

 But thankfully we have people like Lee Strobel, who can capture this marvelous thing and bring it to a place they can relate. Through lives of other children he shares stories of God's amazing grace. In his latest book, Case For Grace For Kids, Mr. Strobel introduces young ones to the concept of God's grace at Christ' expense. He explains how the very God, Creator of the Universe, humbled Himself, and in turn, showed us sinners favor. 

Whether your child is small or preteen or even teen, they will be able to relate to the instruction of Mr. Strobel, as he shares the life-changing truth of the Gospel. We are all born sinners and as children grow they especially can struggle with selfishness, autonomy, and pride. Grace dispels all of that. I am thankful there are resources like this to minister to my children.

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