Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Grit of Adoption: Warfare

As "Mr. Carwright" and I have been proceeding through this book on adoption, we are faced with the reality that we know deep down in our hearts, but one that is difficult to remember in the day to day struggles.

The author, Brian Borgman, does such an outstanding job reminding us of many aspects of adoption, as he retells his and his wife's own journey. He reminds us this job is not fulfilling our own needs, but one of ministry. That's the grace of adoption. Then bam!

We are faced with the deepest part: the grit of adoption. Spiritual warfare.

Many of you know our story, how we've struggled through some very tumultuous years with our loves. Our little lambs have grown through some of those struggles, and we know this warfare first hand.

Mr. Borgman says, "...adoption is war, but adoptive parents must remember that, despite how it sometimes feels, this war is never with the child....Let yourself get entangled in whatever real or perceived misery you might experience because you adopted, and you can lose perspective. There is so much at stake here. Self-pity and resentment toward your child for your present challenges will turn you inward - the quickest way to lose ground in your battle."
            "Satan does not believe in the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, or the beauty of family. He will use your adoptive struggles to wage war on your marriage, on your family, and on your faith. He is a murderer and the father of lies."

Daily we must fight friends. Daily we must put on our armor and lean on Christ to help us fight. This is much bigger than just saving your child physically. Cry out to him for help! He will come and fight with you.

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