Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Calling All Adoptive Parents....

There is a new resource that we have been told about. We have purchased it and now are reading through it together.

In the next few days and weeks, I will be "journaling" here, about this book. "Mr. Cartwright" and I are just in the first chapter, and had to stop for our eyes were overflowing with tears.

*Tears of identification
*Tears of joy...someone really understands and has wrote these thoughts down to help others.
*Tears of hurt.
*Tears of wonder of all that God has done.

Our family has been on this journey for many years, almost 18. We are coming out the other side (although it seems we are in a hexagon at times...which side are we coming out?) with our oldest crew, but our littlest, who is now 9, is really struggling. Each day holds pain for her and unknown for me. As I strive to take each, "out of the box" quality and action she exhibits, I give them to the Lord, but I also, see my actions in turn being changed and molded.

So, today, while reading this brought us to our knees....

"God reminds us that __________ is a Puebla by sovereign appointment."

Yes, God's hand placed them each here at a specific time with specific needs that we are to guide them through.

So, no matter who thinks what, we know we're doing what is best for ours

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