Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review - RG3

I love football. I'll admit it. And I have people in my house who love it too. 

In the past year, I have heard of RG3 or Robert Griffin III. I have heard of what a great quarterback he is. So I decided to read the latest biography on him by Ted Kluck. I thought I knew quite a bit about football, but the truth is, after reading this book, I knew didley squat. 

Ted Kluck does a great job on writing about this sport in laymen's terms so those of us who thought we knew football, but really don't can now understand it in a deeper way. I learned much of how the sport works, not necessarily just about play by play on the field, but the underworkings of the sports world.

I also, felt like I had the opportunity to get to know RG3 too. He is a man of integrity. That's the biggest statement made by the writing of this book. He is identified as a believer as well. These go hand in hand, but I would have liked to hear more of his spiritual journey than his football journey. 

We have outspoken, verbal believers in the football world like Tebow. We also need those who walk the walk in such a way not much needs to be said in public. This is the testimony of Robert Griffin III. Hopefully, he will be known for a long as a quiet, strong man who puts his faith into action.

As a part of the Booksneeze blogging network, I received a free copy of this book.

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