Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Return Home

"Hoss" is headed home on Monday.

These are the thoughts I have been "re"thinking lately.

"My hope needs to be in God; not in someone's behavior changing, or in the results I want."

"God already knows what the outcome is. I can rest in that."

Fear tries to invade. Anxiety enters. I refocus and cast those thoughts aside. I trust in God's unfailing plan.

Through this latest trial and downward journey I am amazed at God's work. When I don't think I can take the next step, He showers me with strength. He has brought people into "Hoss"' life that I do not even know about. And those who I have come to know about are part of the plan. Everywhere "Hoss" turns, God sends His children to love and admonish him. Even this week, a new person was introduced to him as a mandatory part of his life. A position to help keep Josh accountable. A paid worker. And yes, he is a believer. Josh is in awe of the "hound of heaven". We know it is the Lord drawing and reminding our boy how much He loves him and desires him to surrender.

We appreciate your prayers as we "transition" again. God is the source of our strength and our life.


BARBIE said...

Praying for you all, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your journey and Mr. Cartwright's journey over all the years have been full of God's intervention and love, especially during the intensely painful moments you have endured. You continued to wait on God when your strength was almost gone. You have held on to intense hope, faith and love. You have lived out this hope, faith and love. Your story is one that has and will continue to touch more lives than we can imagine.
I heard something the other day that made me think of Hoss that applies to all of us as well - "God is always in passionate pursuit of our hearts." How amazing is His love!
I'm thinking of you all and praying for you all every day.
Love you dear friend, Patty

Anonymous said...

You faithfulness amazes me, you are my inspiration as I see your trials and how you respond and how our father in turn responds, you truly are a remarkable woman of faith and I am honored to know you

Love you

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Always thinking of you,