Friday, May 31, 2013

Home For the Weekend

Tonight is a special night. We are picking up "Hoss" for his first weekend visit.

Our plans?

1. Dinner out with the family, including Grandpa and Grandma.

2. Beach in the morning; Andy Mineo concert in the evening, which includes lots of good friend time with awesome friends.

3. Church on Sunday and the afternoon with a special family for lunch.

So today, I pray. I cast my cares on the Lord; for He will sustain me. I look with joy to the future. Am I scared? Yes, my thoughts overwhelm me at times and so I cast them again. I find myself doing lots of self-talk. Reminding my own soul of the truth of God's Word and His character. Reminding this heart of mine that what people think doesn't matter. 

And looking forward to a weekend of lots of love.

Oh, yeah. "Inger" daily reminds me she is going to wake this big brother of hers every morning with tough love...jumping on his back and spanking him. Such sisterly affection!


Anonymous said...

i want to go to the beach !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited about your weekend. I'm thinking of you all. Love you, Patty

BARBIE said...

Praying you're having a beautiful weekend!