Monday, January 28, 2013


Today marks another special day. Sixteen years ago to the day our oldest was placed in our arms. So many emotions took place that day. You see, he was born on December 21st and was supposed to become part of our family then. But God said, "Wait." (At least for 5 more weeks.)

Tampa International Airport was the place of introduction. We had waited for what seemed to be so long to hold this bundle of joy. I had no idea the love that a woman can feel for a child. The love goes so deep I know he was born of my heart. The years have brought so much joy. "Hoss" is one of a kind. A boy who made us laugh so hard we cried. A boy who when he questioned why he was different (at 3 years old) really tried to understand. A boy who longed to be born in my tummy, and for these memories I am so grateful. 

For the new road traveled as a now 16 year old is very different, but still good. For God works all things out for good. Painful, yes!!! But, I trust, still good. I know the first eleven years will never go away. No matter how much pain in felt in these teen years, our love goes deep. And I know his does too. He just has to figure things out. 

I am so thankful for this Happy Gotcha Day today. I so wish and desire that we could be together to celebrate it. To add more photos and memories to his special book. There are 3 years of deep heart felt letters that have no memories to accompany them, but I am confident that the Lord is working. I love this boy-man of mine so much. I am trusting and praying that one day he will be an amazing husband and father, who loves Jesus with all his heart. 

As you think of us, friends, please be praying as we are in the middle of making a decision on a new placement for him. Right now he is at Agape Boarding School in Missouri. They have done a fantastic job the last 3 years, but it is time to move on for the good of Josh. The Lord is leading and we are trying to follow and make the best choice for our boy. Thanks in advance for your prayers. 

God is good. 


Dianne said...

You guys are gorgeous and I was thinking of you especially today.

It looks as though as thoughts are running along the same lines.

I love that you are "trusting."

Lindsay Shealy said...
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Myra Shealy said...

Sorry, accidentally posted as Lindsay! Anyway, continuing to pray and trust as the final details of your decision-making process come together. We love you guys!

BARBIE said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers today.