Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is He Your Everything?

I just finished reading Everything, What you Give and What you Gain to Become Like Jesus, by Mary DeMuth. Let's just suffice it to say, I am speechless and on my knees. 

Mary DeMuth speaks from experience when she challenges us to embrace all that God has for us, even in the painful valleys. She calls sin, sin. She takes those Scriptures that so many people tend to throw out to "encourage" you and teaches them from the context of Scripture, many still being able to be a source of help. She very candidly reminds us what God requires of us, but doesn't leave us hanging there. He cares so much about our spiritual life; so much more than our physical. 

God moves the DeMuth family to France to minister. This was a very difficult season for Mary as she takes us through what God taught her and how He works through His children. We all struggle our whole lives in the fleshly body to overcome sin, handle the daily pressures, some which tend to take our breath away, and strive to become more like Jesus. This book is one of the best I've read to help women accomplish all of these things.

Little did I know how much I needed this in light of the next month of my life. I love the Lord and so want to be a picture of His grace. I can't go down fighting. I must embrace Him as everything.

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amy brown said...

Hi, Amy Brown here. It has been a long time and just saw a comment you posted on my blog over a year ago, I have not written in a while and hope to start blogging soon. Much have happened in the last year and i hope we can catch up. I also lost your email! My thoughts and prayers are with you.