Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Special Visit

It's been a tad crazy here at the Ponderosa. I pray you all had a great Thanksgiving and time of fellowship with family and friends. We certainly did.

 The day after Thanksgiving we traveled a couple of hours away and went to see my grandfather, the kids' great-grandfather. He was admitted to hospice as he had internal bleeding and his body was shutting down. I don't know about you, but this grandfather was one of those who everyone loved. I am so thankful we were able to see him a few days ago and he recognized the kids and they were able to say goodbye. We received word this morning that he passed away peacefully without pain. He will be sorely missed.

(These pictures were taken in January of 2011)

On another note, our big "Hoss" is scheduled to come home for his first home visit this Christmas. He will also be turning 16 at that time. We look forward to making lots of new memories. But I would ask that you please be praying, dear friends, for a peaceful time. Please pray for my emotions. I am fighting anxiety right now, but consciously keep going back to God's Word, His promises and aiming my heart to the cross. 

My thought for each day: "Lord, help me not to live in fear of the possible dangers, but in true peace and joy knowing You are in complete control."


Dianne said...

Dear Sarah,
So excited that Hoss gets to come home and yes I join you in praying that you will live in peace and joy in antipation of his arrival and visit.

Find you a couple of scriptures and when the enemy comes at you with negative thoughts, deliberately turn your thoughts to God's Word and pray the scriptures.

When God spoke, the power in those words caused planets and stars to appear in the sky--He will respond to His Word--

And remember Psalm 37 reminds us 'that fretting only leads to evil"--those are some pretty heavy words right there when you stop and really think about them.

So sorry about your precious grandfather--the pics are priceless!

Love you dear friend--

Joy Kinard said...

I will be praying for a Christmas filled with peace and joy!

Prayers for your family.

Sun Valley Homestead said...

Hi Sarah:

So glad to finally check in with you. I'm so sorry for your loss. I totally understand. My grandfather whom I loved SO much passed away in February. I'm still in shock that he is gone. But I know he's with the God he loved so much.

He also was loved by so many...especially his children and grand children.

Excited that Hoss is coming home...but know that I will be praying for your Christmas season as well. God is going to do amazing things for you and your family.


BARBIE said...

I am sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. So thankful you and the kids got to see him one last time this side of heaven. I will be praying for your reunion with Hoss.

Anonymous said...

So thankful that you were able to visit your Grandfather before he passed away. So thankful that you and your family had such a wonderful Grandfather. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I'm praying for and believing for a great visit with "Hoss". Keep doing what you're doing - keep your thoughts on God's words - always. Love you dear friend.