Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Years

Today is the anniversary of Mom's home going. I think back to that time two years ago and, wow, have things changed. My heart is sad. I miss her just as much, yet, I have a hope today that I am so thankful for.

As I pulled out all my pictures and cards she wrote to me in the past years, by heart swells with gratefulness to the Lord for giving me the mom He did. My life would be so different.

"Sarah-Jeannie", the name she called me so often still reverberates in my ears. I can feel her arms around me encouraging me to trust in the Lord.

Those last few weeks of caring for her were the hardest days of my life and yet, such a great gift. She praised God through every day and hour. The grace of God was truly on her life until the end. 

My mom finished well.

I pray I can follow in her footsteps. I want to hear those words which I know she heard, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Mom, I love you. You ARE beautiful. You inspire be every day to love God more. I miss you. And you know what I am going to ask you....Please pray for your grandson. He misses you too. And needs to surrender to our Lord. 


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I can just hear your mom saying to trust in the Lord. Her faith was contagious. She loved her Lord and her family so much. I know she's praying for her grandson and she's trusting. She's praising her heavenly Father for always working things out for good.
I'm thinking of you today. Love you, Patty

Anonymous said...

I love you and I loved your mama. She is part of the "great cloud of witnesses" that is cheering you on as you run your race. What a great woman she was! What a great woman you are.


Anonymous said...

Sis - I love this.... yet another beautiful tribute to our beautiful mother. I know she is interceding even now on behalf of Josh. I feel exactly the same way you much hope and even though I miss her everyday and think of her....this past year was much easier than the year before. I love you and can't wait to see you at Christmas Lord willing. Praying always, Jen

BARBIE said...

Thinking of you this week! Praying for comfort and praying for your son as well.