Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayer Warriors

"Mr. Cartwright" is on his way home as I write this. (Internet went down, so I'm publishing this now.)

How do you put into words what it's like visiting your son, whom you love with all your heart who has gone down a road that seems like a dream for the rest of us?

How do you answer those who ask how the visit went? What do you say?

"This sucks!" That's what I'd like to say sometimes...(pardon my french)

On another note, I was so encouraged today as a senior saint at our little fellowship reminded me how she prays for "Hoss". How she has his prayer card on her prayer board and lifts him up each day.

This encouraged me.

It reminded me how narrow my thinking is sometimes. How I forget (too often) how many are praying for this boy-man of mine. These are the things that matter because God is the healer of hearts, not man.

I'm sure "Mr. Cartwright" is drained emotionally. He is already weepy. Seeing our boy was great; leaving is heart-wrenching.

Part of his heart has remained on a 200 acre boys' ranch nestled in southwest Missouri.

God is good through it all.


Joy Kinard said...

This just breaks my heart. I am still praying. So hard to udnerstand. Praying for the "Train up a child..." to kick in SOON.

Treasures Evermore said...

I'm sorry, I have no words to say...just prayers to the Fathers' ear.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, I'm thinking of you all and praying. Will call you tomorrow. Love you. Patty