Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review - Called to Controversy

I admit. Writing a book about my father, without being bias, would be very difficult.

Ruth Rosen has done this. Called to Controversy is her biography of her father, Moishe Rosen, the Founder of Jews for Jesus. She does an amazing job informing the reader of the beliefs of the Jewish people as well as how the family structure of a Jewish family works. In my readings, I had heard of Jews for Jesus, but had never known the history behind it.

God saved Moishe in a pretty specific, radical way. Moishe was a man with passion for the lost, especially the Jewish people, as well as for the Word of God. Many times he came across abrasive and, humbly, worked things out. As I read this book, I realized, again, the individual growth in each person is a work of God, not for me to judge. God will deal with his children in the way He deems fit. Moishe was used by the Lord in a very strong way to bring the Gospel to many. In the early days, he was involved in the Jesus Movement, and later days in many different people's lives all over the world.

He was a man who finished well. This is the key to a successful, Christian walk.

As a part of the Booksneeze blogging network, I received a free copy of this book.


Treasures Evermore said...

Wow this sounds like an incredible read....Oh to say that "we finish well". Beautiful post.


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