Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Away From Home

So we're told, "He knows why he's here."

We do too.

And yet, we wish He were here.

Home. A safe place where love is lavished on all who reside.
Home. A secure place where each member knows about Our Great God.
Home. Two parents who strive to live each day loving each other and the Lord.
Home. Home. Home.

I often wonder when he will be able to say, "I'm glad I'm home. This is my home. I'm thankful for my home."

I wish I could read his mind and make him believe. But I can't!

So I keep on knocking. My knuckles hurt. So I put on my boxing gloves and fight as I knock.

Fight against self and my wants.
Fight with the Word against the powers of the world and darkness.
Fight for our Son, which he will be forever.


Small Town Joy: said...

Still praying for that heart to be softened!

Treasures Evermore said...

So very sorry...but still praying. His story is not finished. God is still writing it. And it's going to be an incredible testimony.


BARBIE said...

Still praying for God to intervene in a mighty way! Your son has a purpose and a destiny!!!