Friday, September 9, 2011

Hymn Study #2- John Newton

John Newton is a well known composer of hymns and best known for Amazing Grace. His story began in England where at a young age, his mother died. But not before she had told him about her amazing Lord.

He ended up as a nine year old serving on a ship and eventually being grabbed by Her Majesty's Navy to serve the Queen. This was not his first encounter on a ship. His father was a Captain on his own ship. But this was his first encounter with the Slave trade, which was his profession for many years.

Interestingly enough, it was the very slaves he sold, which nursed him back to health aboard a slave ship, as he was fighting for his very life. He was sick and there was no one to help him recover. They were the ones who brought him water and bread. This was a turning point in this life. He never viewed his "cargo" the same again. Soon afterward he ended up on the seas during a storm. This is where he met his Creator.

John Newton became and pastor at Olney in England. He never loved better. He was given a heart of flesh in place of his heart of stone and God used him in amazing ways.

Amazing Grace has to be the favorite hymn of non believers. It is amazing how often it is played to incite emotion rather than focus on the true message that John Newton wanted to be known.

The next time you sing this beloved hymn, let the words sink down deep into your soul.

We are wretches. Our Saviour took us out of the pit and redeemed us. Praise Him!

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Small Town Joy: said...

I caught just a moment of a documentary about 9-11 the other day, and Tom B. said that "Amazing Grace" became our nation's theme song after that dreadful day. I thought to myself "Oh really, well did America listen to the words of that song, because I sure don't see it."

Many people know the tune, and even some words, but they just don't listen.