Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quote of the Day

I am reading through Elyse Fitzpatrick's new book, Give Them Grace - Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus. An amazing read.

"Because both parents and children obstinately refuse to pull the cart of God's glory down the road, the Father broke the stick of punishment on his obedient Son's back. Rather than trying to entice us by dangling an unattainable carrot of perfect welcome and forgiveness incessantly in front of our faces, God the Father freely feeds the carrot to us, his enemies. He simply moves outside all our categories for reward and punishment, for human motivation, and gives us all the reward and takes upon Himself all the punishment. He lavishes grace upon grace on us and bears in his own person all the wrath we deserve. Then he tells us, in light of all that he's done, 'Obey'." pg.108

All I can say is I'm prostrate before the Lord thanking Him profusely.

And asking Him to help me to parent my treasures to His glory.

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Cookie Crumbs and Aprons said...

Such a good place to be!!! Prostrate, thankful and seeking His glory...may it be so of all of us who call on His name.