Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Law Fulfilled


Most people who are unchurched have no idea this book in the Bible exists. I have just started my journey through this book. It is heavy and yes, even at times, boring. As I am reading about all of the step by step instructions in sacrifice I feel very burdened for the children of Israel during those years. There was so much to know and remember.

And it struck me.

Jesus fulfilled all the Law in one sweep. His blood was the last sacrifice, even more, the only sacrifice that fully answered God's wrath against sinful man.

This makes me thankful. I am not bound by the law, but it is the law that brings man to repentance. My sin is my burden, but I have a Savior who lifts this burden from me as I confess verbally and inwardly desire change.

Praise our Lamb for bearing this cruelness of the cross for us. Praise Him for His grace.

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Treasures Evermore said...

So thankful that we can have freedom in Christ...can't imagine all those laws back then. But I see religions out there that stick so strictly to the old testament and they have no freedom in Christ.