Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Tears

No letters or phone calls. This is what we have been told today regarding "Hoss".

We must love from afar.

He is rejecting any love from us and my heart hurts. Badly.

The letters coming from him are full of anger, hurt, pain and more anger.

So our response must be love full of compassion. Not for his sin, but for his relationship as SON!

For he will be this forever. No matter what he thinks.

This I know. He is our SON!

Though this parent-child thing is in question, friendship will be possible one day.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, You have incredible love beyond yourself, strength beyond yourself and faith beyond yourself - all given to you by the One who holds you and thanks you for your faithfulness. I'll keep holding on to faith with you. I believe that all things are possible through our Lord Jesus - I know you do too. Love you dear friend. Patty

Joy: said...

Oh Sarah, my heart hurts for you all. I have prayed and prayed for Hoss and I will continue to do so. God is at work and I know one day Hoss will open his eyes and see what God will have him to see. I am so sorry this road is so painful. Stand firm, he's watching to see if you will waiver.

Anonymous said...

I am standing with Patty on ever count. Trusting Him for you ~

I love you.


Dianne said...

My dearest friend,
Please keep up the faith. I know your heart is hurting so badly right now but remember this. Hoss will be an adult for many more years than he is a child and I TRULY believe he will return to the faithful love he has experienced in the past from you and your family.

I believe you will have many years of him trying to make up for the heartache he has caused you. Just be faithful dear friend as I know you are and your day of double portion, of reaping with joy the answer to many prayers you sowed in tears.

God will NOT let you down. He does hear and see and collects in a bottle every tear you will ever shed for Hoss or any member of your family.

I don't know where He gets such big bottles because I myself have given him plenty of tears to catch.

I love you dear friend and have you and Hoss in my thoughts and prayers.

Penelope said...

So sorry to hear. I'll be praying for you.

BARBIE said...

Oh my sweet friend, how my heart aches for yours. I cannot imagine how your heart must feel, but God knows. I can only pray that He will keep you strongh through this time. I am praying and believing that Hoss will be restored to his family by the mighty healing hand of God. Do not give up on that possibility. God is the God of the impossible. I know this is His heart for Hoss. He holds Hoss in the palm of His hand He will never let go.