Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Review

Being versus doing? Which is more important?

That was the question in my mind after I read Andy Andrews latest book, The Final Summit.

There is a great meeting that takes place as many humans, all who have died, except one. They are presented with the responsibility of finding the one principle that will save two words.

As the travelers are brought together as this final meeting place, I wondered was this suppose to be heaven? Gabriel is present as well as others who have died in the past, but I would not consider all those present people who will be in heaven. Each time a traveler comes forward to give his or her opinion they debate over if the present idea will be the two word key. Each idea is so thought provoking. Even in my own life. The ending is a surprise and yet, not sure whether I agree.

Andy Andrews has a way of presenting necessary information to the growth of character in a person's life in a fashion that challenges the reader.

My only negative about this book is that there was never a hint or message to the ONE who changes one's life. All the areas of character that were brought out are not possible apart from Jesus Christ. He is the answer to the salvation of humanity.

Being must precede doing.

Otherwise, this is a thought provoking read.

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