Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Tea

This past weekend the girlies and I had a day together. So often I think, unfortunately, about what I can get done when I have time, instead of investing in their lives. So, before time escaped I promised them a "high tea" with their American Girl doll friends.

I busied myself getting ready, while they got dressed and fixed their "friend's" hair and clothes.

(Just a note: if you are ever wanting to put on a tea and don't want to spend tons of money, Ross' Stores have great little tea snacks.)

We had a grand time. As we were talking I asked my girls if there friend knew Jesus. I thought this is a good safe way to discuss how to share our faith. And the conversation that followed was very insightful. I wonder if role playing always brings out thoughts and feelings that may not be discussed otherwise.

"Marie" said, 'Yes, Kit knows Jesus and has been wanting to lead a Bible Study with her friends, but has been scared to.'

So my thoughts go to the afternoons that our two little neighbor girls come over. They are from unsaved homes and there has been a couple of times I have had to address issues that are not appropriate for my girls. I think dear little Kit's thoughts have been inside of my "Marie". I intend to address this.

Next, "Inger" tells me, 'Samantha is ready to sleep without the night light on.' Can you guess where my little sweetie is struggling? She wants to be that big girl, but we are not quite there yet.

I think this will come soon. For if Samantha is ready, maybe she is too.


Joy: said...

This is so precious! I can not wait for tea parties for a purpose! What a great way to share their faith with their friends! You are such a good Mama!

La Mama Loca said...

I learn so much about my kids by playing with them or listening to them play with each other (sometimes I see my own failings..eeek!). Love the high tea idea. We need to do something like that soon!

Will be praying for the neighbor girls.