Monday, April 25, 2011

Watchman Nee

As I am reading through a biography of Watchman Nee, I am struck by so many things.

We, who live in the west, are so shallow in our commitment to Christ. Watchman was always examining his own life with the Word of God. He wasn't afraid to stand against the current of people, especially those other professing believers who seemed to tout religiosity. He ended up leaving two main line denominations he was part of because of religious do's and don'ts that didn't line up with God's Word.

He made some stark comments about the believer's life in general.

This hit me to the core:

"It is absolutely impossible for a person to have light and not shine. As there is no tooth that does not chew, no fountain that does not flow, so there is no life that does not beget life. Whoever has no interest in helping people to repent and believe in the Lord may himself need to repent and believe in the Lord."- taken from Watchman Nee by Bob Laurent, pg. 100

This is one area in my life that I struggle with. I go through times of deep desire to evangelize and other times quite content in keeping to my little life, here on the Ponderosa.

This is a command. I must be proactive, seeking out relationships to develop. Just simply asking how you can pray for someone, who you know is hurting, is an easy way to bring the topic up.

I pray zeal and fire consume me in this area. I must obey.


Lisa T said...

So true. I feel I go though spurts as well. It's so easy to sit back and relax and have the "western" mindset. I too pray for zeal to consume me and the Spirit to work in and through me. May He open our eyes to His work all around and aid us in following as He leads. :)

Treasures Evermore said...

I loved this quote...sure gets me to thinking. I too go through times exactly like you mentioned. Thankful that God is still working in me in so many areas...and this is one of them.

Thanks for posting this.