Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Story of Commander Deeds (Part I)

I was mesmerized by this true story that Watchman Nee told his fellow believers in China.

"A young man named Todd was led to Christ by a wise couple from a church in his neighborhood. He had been a rebellious youth, but on the day that he was saved, he asked the couple what he should do to show his obedience to the Lord. Over tea in their home, they told him that the Gospel would never make inroads in their town until a certain battalion commander was converted."

"Young Todd asked who this Commander Deeds was. They said that he was a retired military man over sixty years of age who thought all Christians were hypocrites and who cursed and beat any Christian who dared to preach the gospel to him or even to pass by his house. He kept a pistol at home and threatened to open fire on anyone who preached to him. Having heard this, Todd immediately prayed, 'O Lord. You have shown grace to me. This is the first day of my salvation. I will go and witness to him.' Before tea was finished, and less than two hours after his own salvation, he was on his way to the commander's house."

"Fearing for his life, the couple begged him not to go. The commander's anger grew fiercer by the day, they told him, but Todd would not change his mind. He arrived at the house and knocked on the door. The Commander answered with a rod in his hand and snarled, 'What do you want, boy?' Todd asked if he could come in and for some reason the hostile man allowed him entrance."

"The boy wasted no words. 'I pray that you will accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior!' he blurted out. The commander raised his rod in the air to intimidate the youth, then shouted, 'I suppose you're new around here, so this time I will pardon you; no one talks to me about Jesus, but this time I will not beat you. Now consider yourself fortunate and get out of here quickly!'"

-excerpt from Watchman Nee by Bob Laurent, pg 102

(Part II tomorrow)

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