Saturday, December 18, 2010

My New Favorite Christmas Book for Children

Library Day is an eventful day at our home here on the Ponderosa. We always have at least 50 books checked out at any time. My little princesses love to sit and have me read to them.

Sometimes for more than an hour.

We happened to come upon a Christmas book that I had never seen or read. It was a fairly large book for a picture book. To sit down and read it in one sitting took at least 30 minutes.

It was the best 30 minutes of our day that particular day.

Ruth Bell Graham is the author of
One Wintry Night.

This beautiful illustrated book will take you from before the Creation of the World to the manger. From the manger it will lead you to that wonderful, horrible day of Christ's death. And in the end you peer into the empty tomb.

This is the story I want my children to know deep down into their souls. For Christmas is not just about presents, candy, or even Jesus' birth.

For without His death and resurreciton, his birth means pointless.

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Val said...

I actually have this book and home. It is so good. I only get it out at Christmas! Thanks for reminding me to read it to my grands!!!