Monday, November 22, 2010

Missing Her

This the beginning of the first holiday season without Mom.

Throughout my life, so many memories have been made and traditions started because of Mom. Her homemade cranberry jello always was a staple at Thanksgiving. At Christmas, she was the ultimate baker...almond crescents, pecan couplets, dozens and dozens of sugar cookies...iced by her children and grandchildren.

As my sister and I were talking and reminiscing last week, we were reminded of all the special things she did. My sister heard a song on the radio and it jogged her memory of mom playing it on the piano. My sister does a much better job at remembering and I think it is because I don't want to sit is painful...I would rather keep going. But, I must stop and sit awhile. I must remember.

There are days when I can still hear her voice singing. She had a beautiful voice. She was a beautiful woman.


Kristin said...

Yes....she was a beautiful woman with a heart for people. I so enjoyed every single conversation that I had with your Mom! I am praying for you and Jenny so much during this holiday season. Maybe you could share some of her recipes on your blog? I'd love to try them. (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
Let's not forget her raspberry meringue kisses(I'm making those this year for the first time in a long time) and angel food candy. Thanks for posting that video - it made me laugh and cry at the same time. Remember when the boys were babies, she would take them home with her on Thanksgiving night so I could decorate the house into the wee hours of the morning for Christmas. She was a most wonderful Gran. Love you. Jen