Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day, "Marie"!

This adorable little button came into our lives 10 years ago today. She came with many needs and through the Lord's help has overcome so much.


Our hearts desire for you is that you grow in the knowledge and grace of our Savior. You have become a beautiful young woman who openly shares her heart with us. Thank you. You challenge us to challenge ourselves. God has a special plan for you, Princess.

Keep your heart soft toward Him. For He is your Creator and Sustainer. He will give you the grace to endure what will come your way.

Keep your eyes focused on Him. For the world will try to entice you away. Don't get distracted, love.

Keep your mind aimed on Him. He wants you pure and clean. Remember He made you just the way He wants you and you truly are beautiful. Your heart is precious. Your loving spirit glorifies the Lord.

One day, God may give you little ones, for we know this is your heart's desire. We love to watch you at church loving on all the babies, preferring to be with them over your peers. God's greatest gift to you is this desire to be a Mommy one day. Keep praying and accepting His will. Your own Mommy had this desire. It came in the form of a special little girl. We thank God for you every day.

We love you.


BARBIE said...

What a beautiful prayer for your Marie. Happy Gotcha Day!

Penelope said...

What beautiful wishes for your little girl!