Tuesday, September 14, 2010

William F. Buckley

I am not an avid reader on political issues, nor on politicians, themselves.

I was born in the early '70's, so I had never heard of William F. Buckley.

Since both of the above statements are true, I decided I would read a small biography to educate myself on a figure from that time period and venue.

William F. Buckley, written by Jeremy Lott, is a great, yet brief history on the life of this man, who claimed to have faith in God, and spoke strongly about things that he deeply believed in, whether spiritually or politically.

After reading a small bit each day, it is a decided fact that I still don't enjoy reading about politics. Although, as a book, it is very well written, I am disappointed in how shallow Buckley's faith was. I do not consider Catholicism, true faith in Christ's atoning work.

He seemed the "typical" politician. Suave, well-spoken, and yet brash at the same time. He did stand strong on certain views, but also wavered on others.

Jeremy Lott did well to include the complete span of Buckley's life; from birth to death. Though I was not particularly interested in this man's life, I did learn many things; the most interesting being his work at Yale. He attempted to keep "faith" (I use that term loosely) part of the curriculum at Yale.

A good read for someone interested in the political realm as well as history of conservatism. I didn't consider it a "Christian" biography.

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