Monday, May 10, 2010

Changing the Focus

Mother's Day has always been a day of struggling with expectations. In the past, I would often find myself wishing for more accolades (I know, how selfish) and not focusing on what is important. This year, with the home-going of Mom, the Lord has helped me to have a heart of contentment and gratitude. There are so many precious gifts that I have been given by my Creator.

Saturday, I received a beautiful bouquet of roses from my Dad. What a surprise!

Yesterday I woke up to breakfast in bed prepared by little sleepyheads and my wonderful hubby. The tray also provided me with 2 amazing cards...."Thank you for teaching me Mommy." "I'm glad you're my Mommy."

And, words that I hold precious from my love.

I was also given a Book (I've read before but my copy was falling apart) that holds the keys to all contentment and love. Words that are inspired and full of truth. This Book I will read each day and thank my Master for His precious gift.

There was five minutes of the day that were spent talking to one who I miss so much. He continues to do well. His Dad and I will be traveling to see him in two weeks. Please pray that we would have wisdom in our speech and actions.


Jo said...

What beautiful flowers from your dad. God bless Jo.

Stacey said...

Your two posts about Mother's Day were so sweet, and truly inspiring. You have a strong faith and a big heart, and that all comes through in your writing, and your wonderful, smiling photos! God bless you all.

Dianne said...

Your family is so precious. It just melts my heart to look at them. Sweet, sweet post.

Love, Dianne