Saturday, April 24, 2010

A tribute to mom

Today is the day of Mom's memorial service. This is intended to celebrate her and the life the Lord gave her. Words cannot express what is in my heart. This is my attempt.

Loving, caring, energetic, focused, determined, selfless, overcoming, lover of God and man, lover of God's Word, passionate about the Gospel, organized, organized, organized, loyal, truthful, merciful, joyful, hardworking, beautiful, giving and I can't forget organized, or did I already mention that?

These are the attributes of a very special woman. This woman is my mom.

Mom loved life, but most of all loved the Lord. She had a passion to share Christ with other, even up to the very night Christ took her home. Though she really struggled to breath in the end and had alot of medicaiton in her, she was still determined to let anyone know who called or came by that they, too, would die one day and could be assured that they could also go to heaven if they had a relationship with her Savior.

Her Savior is my Savior. Jesus has taken Mom home to be with Him. She is free from pain and rejoicing with her Lord. This is what brings me comfort. You can be sure that I miss Mom very much. My children miss their Gran, too.

I have so many wonderful memories. Mom loved her children and grandchildren to the fullest. I am who I am mostly because the Lord provided me with a Mother (and Father) who exemplified what every mother should be.

From weekly visits to nursing homes to summer 5 Day Good News Clubs in our neighborhood, my childhood was provided with so many things that helped to frame who I have become. The most significant being the salvation of my dear mother. Without Christ intervening in Mom's life, she wouldn't have been the Mom she was, and I wouldn't be the mom that I am. I miss my dear Mother, but I know I will see her again. I know she has been given a perfect healing. I have cried many tears, but my gracious God has given me the peace that passes all understanding.

I was able to spend the last 2 1/2 weeks of Mom's life with her, helping to take care of her. As we talked about her memorial service, she was firm about one thing. Mom wanted all of you to know how you, too, can have a relationship with Christ. This was the most important thing to her and it should be to you, too.

Cry out to your Creator. He will hear and save.

~ spoken at Mom's memorial


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute Sarah - well done. She's so proud of you.
Love, Patty

Clay in His Hands said...

This is beautiful--and oh, so true, Sarah. Your mother was all of these things and more.

I pray the service was all you--and she--had hoped it would be and trust that Jesus moved in power in the lives of everyone present.

I love you,