Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ultimate Fight!

Many tears have been shed of recent days. The Puebla Ponderosa has entered another huge trial.

I feel the anvil of God's Word hatching away at the dross.

I feel my trust waning; but know His faithfulness does not!

My mom, Wendy Stebbins, has been fighting the battle of her life. Two year ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer and fought it off with the traditional chemotherapy.
Last fall, she was diagnosed again, and chose to fight it with nontraditional means. She has been following the Budwig Protocol. The last month has been very difficult as she caught an infection which drained her completely of energy. Now that her infection seems better, symptoms of her cancer have become more visible.

I praise Jesus that He gave me a Godly mom and dad who have endowed me with a Godly heritage!

I praise Jesus that He knows the length of her days and she rests in that.

I ask for your prayers for her as she heads down a very scary road. She has great faith; not in herself, not in nutrition, but in a very Faithful Friend.

Please pray for our entire family as we attempt to be strong.

I know my precious Mother rests in the Great Shepherd's arms; under His wings she will find refuge.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis - I love, love, love that picture of you and Mom. You both look wonderful! Your blog of course made my cry. I struggle too, knowing my trust is not as strong as it should be. It is a constant process and I'm so thankful to have you and close friends to pray with, cry with and trust in God with. Love you so much.
Your sis, Jen

Stacey said...

We are praying. Ian and I are standing in the gap for you and your family and your dear mom. I went through something akin to this in 2008 with both my Mom and my Dad. Each precious life is different and valuable to God. He is holding you all in His everlasting, everloving arms. Rest in Him, and He will make that possible for you to do. God bless you all at this time.
Stacey <><

Yo Mama said...

Yes, Lord, You are faithful. And Wendy is a woman madly in love with her Savior, who trusts Him implicitly. Thank you for strengthening her, for strengthening Sarah and Jenny and Chris and Missy and Marty. Thank you for the beautiful impact Wendy has had on so many, many people over the years... including me. I praise You for your constant care for her, for a loving husband who is serving her with generosity and compassion. I praise You for her children, her heritage, in whom Wendy finds great joy and satisfaction. I praise You that even as she is fighting this battle, she is encouraging others. Bless her, heal her. Let her know Your manifest Presence. Minister to her in the deepest recesses of her soul and spirit--and do the same for Marty and the kids. Thank you for bringing this precious family into our lives so many years ago.

I love you all,


Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

Your mother will be in my prayers.