Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friends, Meet Ginger

My littlest darling was enthralled by catching a ladybug.

I'll let her tell you about her.

"Hers name is Ginger. I think she needs water. She will get cold without a lid. She's sooooooooooo cute! I thinks she needs food. She likes sticks."

To see the joy on her tiny face over this little "bug"!

Unfortunately, when she put the lid back on the container, Ginger had crawled to the lip, and, you guessed right. No more Ginger.

"Inger" took it in stride, and ran outside to find another "Ginger".

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Dorothy said...

Hello Mrs. Cartwright, I'm not sure where I found your blog but I am definitely sure glad I did. Such an encouraging writer you are as you share your heart. I too am an adoptive mother and I am sure that is one of the things that attracted me to your blog so quickly. Thank you for sharing your precious family and heart.
Dorothy in Arizona