Monday, March 8, 2010

March Blessings

My life is full. Full of blessings that many days are taken for granted. I sit here at the computer typing with ten fingers, hands that work, a mind that has aged, but is still active.

#90 ~ Wonderful, warm heat that people many years ago did not have the privilege of enjoying, and yet, somehow managed to live life to the fullest.

#91 ~ A special notebook that shares the sacred thoughts between my youngest son and me.

#92 ~ The turn of a doorknob in the wee hours of the morning reminds me my littlest one needs some love

#93 ~ Psalm 103, This is what my cherished family is memorizing.

#94 ~ Our new Friday night ritual: helping out at the Apt. Ministry for our church. Beautiful friends of ours have started a Good News Club for the children that live in low income housing in our town. Lots of hurting faces, lots of needed love.

#95 ~ Our litte red and blue know, the little tikes big plastic ones...that carry little feet up high to be in eye range of all that's happening.

#96 ~ Dinner with my in-laws that has become sharing food and conversation with them.

#97 ~ curled up feet in front of the space heater...making hearts warmer

#98 ~ Hoppy Toad, Hop!...hearing my "Marie" play this fun song on the piano, makes me want to dance around.

#99 ~ Reminders from my "Proverbs 31" magazine that I need to enjoy my children, not just instruct, teach, correct and discipline.

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mom2six said...

I like the notebook idea (#91). Great list.

Alison said...

Wonderful list! That special notebook sounds like a treasured blessing!

Holly Neaton said...

Great list! Love the Little Tykes chairs and meals with in-laws.

Lona said...

Loved the list--I, too, have been thankful for heat, without effort.