Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A legacy goes on and on and on.....

It really does!

"Mr. Cartwright" and I were talking the other day about the day we will stand before Christ to receive our judgment, either good or bad.

I was encouraged by this, though at times it can seem as if many of my days are fruitless.

He exhorted me by relaying what he had heard earlier in the day on a broadcast with David Jeremiah, teacher on Turning Point.

This question was asked:When my body goes into the ground at death, why do I not immediately receive judment?

The answer was offered: Our deeds go on even after we die.

I stopped to consider this truth. Think about it. How many books have you read lately that transformed your life that were authored by "dead" men? Amazing, huh?

And, so , I think we can even use this to remind us of how important our lives as mommies are. We really do have the opportunity to raise children to make a difference. And even after we are gone, what we have taught (or not taught) will live on.

I ask you, "How will this change the way you talk to your four year old today?"

Everyday Talk is so very vital, and not just for today.

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