Monday, February 22, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

holy experience

Before you place your feet on the floor, give thanks to your magnificent Creator for all His blessings.

# 66 The Word that is a Light to my path and Lamp to my feet

#67 War of Words by Paul David Tripp
This has become part of our family worship time at night. All conflict begins with our words.

#68 Making a love gift for the
place where my oldest treasure resides

#69 Truth; this is a lost concept in this tolerant society we live in

#70 Friends that help sharpen my iron

#71 Answering lots of questions during the day from all of my little people; anything from math to the most beloved question of "Why?" I don't always have the answers, but am so glad I'm the one being asked

#72 The burning of candles; what a cozy and warm place an abode can become

#73 Busy hands that work diligently to finish a love gift

#74 Celebrating birthdays; each year is one more blessing of God's goodness


Annesta said...

I have come to look forward to your list every week as it is so thoughtful.
#66...God's word...may we hide it in our hearts that it may lead us in paths of righteousness.
#68 Truth...a treasure we should seek and teach to those who are coming behind us.
Blessings to you!

Stacey said...

We have some of the same things on our gratitude lists! I am doing this, as well, but keep my list in a paper journal. I am almost to 1000! And I will go on and on as long as I have breath.

Your cross-stitch is beautiful! I have a large project I am working on, too, but at the moment I am striving to complete a bunch of little Easter gifts.

Blessings to you...