Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Mrs. Cartwright"

I first started blogging around April of 2009. It sure has been a journey. It started out as a way to keep my loved ones updated on the goings on at "The Ponderosa". It has turned into a journey of journaling and has been a sort of "therapy" for me. I never thought I liked to write, but I have found this is a joy. It has also been a great adventure getting to know other like-minded bloggers who have emerged as such encouragement to my soul.

I joined Talkin' about Thursdays to get you know some of you that I haven't met yet. Genny, over at MyCup2Yours is asking us to tell a little about ourselves.

A few things about me:

1. I love to crosstitch!! If and when I have time, amidst homeschooling and other life duties, this is the most relaxing thing to my body, mind and soul.

2. Biblical Christian Counseling is something I would like to pursue in my next life, or rather season of life. There are so many hurting women. The Bible is the ultimate handbook for helping them. This is a delightful burden I carry.

3. I hate seafood...I know. This is something you always wanted to know...and yes, I do live in Florida. The location of my existance has always been a source of strife in my life. I grew up in Wisconsin and hated milk, and now in Florida, surrounded by the seas, I detest seafood.

4. I wear size 9 1/2 shoe. AND am only 5'4" tall. Somehow I missed out on the height gene, but my feet didn't get the message.

5. I don't have a favorite anything. Does that mean I can't make up my mind? I don't think so. I prefer to think that my favorites change do to the surroundings in my life.

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Raise Them Up said...

Blogs have a way of evolving, don't they? You have a beautiful family and it's so nice to meet you!


kim said...

I, too am 5 ft 4 in tall with a size 9 shoe!! Big feet, little people unite! Great to read about you. I am excited to stop by your wonderful blog again!

Genny said...

I'm so glad you joined in! It was really fun to learn more about you. :)

You had me laughing at the milk and seafood thing. You have a fun sense of humor.

I loved this!


Annie said...

Nice to meet. Is my first time here and your blog is wonderful.

Have a nice day.

Stopping from My Cup 2 Yours.

Christie Lanning said...

I used to cross stitch quite a bit. This week I went into a craft store and saw all the stuff....I want to pick it back up again.