Monday, January 18, 2010

Contented Heart = Thankful Heart

holy experience

helpful little ones

my diligent man....he allows me to stay home and has never complained about working every day

religious freedom and freedom in Christ

hearing my "Marie" pray

the joy in "Little Joe's" eyes when he plays trumpet

my precious nephews and nieces

the continuous blessings of Christ (Romans 7)

the Titus 2 Women in my life

Susan Heck

bouncing beads...when my littlest one runs through the house, you always know where she is!

the tender kiss of my love

raindrops after many nights of hard freezes

then the sun coming out


Annesta said...

Oh, the taste of freedom in Christ! Yes, such a gift to treasure.
grace and peace

Jenny said...

What a beautiful list. Your love for family is shinning. Blessings...

Michelle said...

I love this list:) Very sweet...especially the bouncing beads:) I just love the sounds of my kids running and playing. God was very good to give us hearing AND good things to hear.