Monday, October 26, 2009

My Great God

I got to thinking today, in the midst of many tears, how great a God I serve. My world as I know it has changed and there are times I want to lay down my head and not ever, ever lift it back up. But, I know I must persevere. So I choose to thank God today that:

~He supplies all of my needs, both great and small.
~He is sovereign and in control and ALL and I need not fear tomorrow.
~no matter what I feel, I can look to the truth of God's Word and use it to conform my thoughts to that truth.
~He knows what is best for me because if I acted on what I thought was best for me, my spiritual life would be completely stagnant.
~He has given me a Godly, spiritual servant-leader who guides this family in the truth.
~He sees my wayward son right where he is, even though I don't.
~He has blessed me with everything spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.
~He has given me everlasting life that starts right now.
~He continually sanctifies me, though I continue to sin.
~He promises to never leave me and that keeps me from feeling forsaken, even when everything around me screams it.
~He is my Good Shepherd who at times must break me to mend me.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, "Mrs. Cartwright"

With Love,
Mrs. Carter