Thursday, October 22, 2009


Summer, at the Puebla Ponderosa, was a turbulent one. But amidst all the undoings, there were some nuggets that occurred that reminded us of our Father's love. This story is one of them.

The number kept showing up on caller i.d.: Christian Care. You see, we are part of a medical share program that takes the place of insurance. It has been a blessing. This summer, when "Hoss" had to be taken to Agape Boarding School, we contacted them to make sure he would still be able to be covered out of state and out of our home. Since this is a Christian Ministry, they prayed with "Mr. Cartwright" over the phone for our son.
After that initial phone call, someone from their office continued to call and I was never able to get to the phone in time. He kept leaving messages like: "This is _________, from Christian Care. I am the chaplain here and would like to pray with you concerning your son. Finally, "Mr. Cartwright" called him back and was astounded at the conversation. This man, who also happened to be adopted, (providence?) gave his testimony to my husband of his own rebellion and issues of being adopted. He encouraged "Mr. Cartwright" greatly that day and left the conversation with, "Our God is a great God and has great things for your son. I will take this on personally to pray for him and bring him before the throne of grace."
Since then "Mr. Cartwright" has tried to reach him. He was told, "We don't have a ________ that works for us."
We firmly believe that God sent this precious man that day to uplift us in our grief and pain. We continue to try to find out who he is....God knows!

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