Sunday, July 26, 2009

Longboat Key in Pictures

The Pueblas visited a local beach on Saturday. We had a wonderful time together. Here is the story in pictures. Enjoy!

'Hoss' got tired before we even got started.

Lots of sun and smiles!

'Marie' collecting shells.

Mr. Cartwright brought his heavy duty shovel. Notice it off to the left! I think he was making a bunker. By the end of the day, the tide invaded.

Buried Alive!!!

Chasing the seagulls! They invade your lunch viciously!

This is a crab that 'Little Joe' found under the water attached to a rope.

This is the closest I could get to a full face shot.

A very tired 'Inger'!!

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Robin said...

It's precious how your baby is holding onto her big brother's arm. There is no fatigue like the fatigue you feel after a full day of sun at the beach. Looks like you all had fun. Everyone needs days like that!!