Monday, December 14, 2015

My Name is Mahtob: Book Review

I am intrigued by autobiographies!

My Name is Mahtob, written by Mahtob Mahmoody, follows the story of a little girl's life before, during, and after the kidnapping of her and her mother across the borders of many countries. They were taken from America to Iran in the early 80's by Mahtob's father. He was an Iranian who lived in America from the age of 18 until his departure with his victims. He became a radical Muslim after moving to Detroit, Michigan. But enough about him. Because this story is really about the resolve and determination of a girl who becomes a young woman. A beautiful young woman.

As Mahtob describes her journeys it is remarkable to just imagine what she went through, and yet, the bulk of the story that impressed me was how she conquered her fears and anxieties. Forgiveness was key to this! After returning to the United States, she was diagnosed with Lupus, that almost killed her. Yet again, she is spared. As she aged, she realized her faith and belief in God was vital to continuing see, her father didn't give up. He continued to try to contact her and even did things to increase those fears; living day to day with weird "coincidences" happening that only increased her dread.

Through many important people that God placed in her life, she was able to finally forgive him and change her entire view of life. Thankfulness and seeing her daily blessings was key to overcoming this mental anguish.

The story invites the reader on a journey that will not be easily forgotten! It may even cause one to examine one's own way of handling life's circumstances. Most importantly, it will confirm to the reader that no matter how hard life seems, our faith in God and attitudes makes the hope attainable.

As a part of the booklook blogging network, I received a free copy of this book.

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