Monday, October 5, 2015

A Great Resource For Children

I am always looking for a great resource for proclaiming the Gospel to children. I have come across a new one that is a gem!

Sally Lloyd-Jones has put together some of the most well known Bible stories in a storybook form. She retains the interest of the reader, but what she does best is point that same reader to Christ. I believe each page of the old and new testament points us to the Savior. The Gospel is the antithesis of the Book of Books. And as Mrs. Lloyd-Jones paraphrases each story she reminds the reader for the reason of the story: to proclaim the Mighty Acts of God. David and the defeat of Goliath is not about David; it's about the Gospel. The Great Yahweh!

She reminds us redemption is the great story!

As to a critique, this book is labeled for teens/young adults, but I would say my 10 year old enjoyed it more than my 16 year old would have. But they have been raised in the church. If I had knew a teenager who knew nothing about the Gospel and the work of Christ and the Bible, I would not hesitate to hand this book to them.

As a part of the Booklook Bloggers Network, I received a free copy of this book.

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