Saturday, August 22, 2015

Adoption and One of Our Favorite Books

Lorilee Craker has done an amazing thing! She has written about two subjects very close to my heart. Adoption and Anne of Green Gables. Not only is she an amazing author, a writer comparable to Lucy Maud Montgomery, but she is also an adoptee who has also adopted a child herself. 

Miss Craker has taken all the amazing characteristics and personality of the Beloved Anne of Green Gables and parallels them with her own life. She does this in a most extraordinary way. Her writing brings so many pictures to life. The way in which in she shares her story is full of raw emotion; from sadness, grief, and confusion to joy, laughter and love. This is a book that will take you inside every aspect of adoption. Being an orphan is tragic and yet she opens the door to every person acknowledging that we are orphaned at one point or another in our lives. She takes us through all aspects of the adoption journey.

Personal Note: When I requested this book to review I had no idea it would impact the journey of my life over the past few months. No, the last 18 years.

Having four adopted children of my own, I get Lorilee's Momma's heart, but I had no idea she would share her own journey of being adopted herself. 

This year has brought about events in my life that I knew would happen sooner or later, but never realized the grief that would come along. Full days of weeping that wouldn't stop, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't really understand the feelings my Boy-Man was going through. Mrs. Craker voiced her emotions and life events in a way that helped me work through many things my boy probably was feeling. Good and bad.  Her words brought comfort as she expressed things that have not been voiced to me but pray were things he felt. 

I take this book as a gift from God! A gift that has brought a measure of peace to a tumultuous year of raw emotions for this mother-son relationship.

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