Tuesday, July 28, 2015

'Til We Meet Again - Book Review

Everyone loves a great Love Story. But I love it when there's that extra dimension of the Ultimate Love Story. One of God's saving love.

Ray and Betty Whipps have written their beautiful story down in the book, 'Til We Meet Again'. Ray was a staff sergeant in the US Army and Betty was a nurse working in France during World War II. They met due to an injury inflicted on Ray out in the fields and foxholes of war. But were separated after only a month as he needed to go back to the war zone. After a time of separation, which included being taken prisoner at the notorious POW camp, Stalag VII-A, they were reunited and were married. They are now a beautiful elderly couple having raised seven children, along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Betty walks two miles every day at 94 years old. God has blessed them indeed.

 As I read this book, I was awestruck by a couple of things. First of all, we are losing the generation that Ray group up in, very quickly. There was a fortitude in these young men as they went off to war at a very early age that we have forgotten and have not passed down to the next generation. But, it was also very evident Ray had a strong faith in the Lord, who saw him through many life and death situations. Betty shares that strong faith from the get-go as well. Secondly, God's providence and sovereignty are seen so clearly! And it was particularly stunning to read about the truth I have so often heard, "There are no atheists in foxholes."

My gratitude to men like Ray Whipps is overwhelming. Men like these have fought courageously for the freedoms we enjoy today. I say, "Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Whipps. For your testimony. For your faith and perseverance in all the hard times you went through. Your light shone brightly."

America needs to continue to thank men and women like these two as well. I am trying to make an effort when I see someone in uniform to offer verbal thanks to their service.

(As a part of the Tyndale Blogging Network, I received a free copy of this book.)

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