Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book Review - The Tank Man's Son

A story like no other.

Mark Bouman, author of The Tank Man's Son, endured more than most as a child of a dysfunctional father. He grew up in terror and fear, never knowing if and when the fury of his father would be unleashed! The heartache and physical pain he endured was difficult to read about, but so worth it in light of the end of the story. Tears flowed as I read about the redemption of Mark's soul, but even more tears flowed when I read how God used all the evil done against him to prepare him for the work the Lord had for him to do. Having access to great biographies like this, remind me (again) that the story is not over until death. God is still writing!

This true to life story is one of courage, faith, redemption and an amazing, accurate vision of the sovereignty of God. It is a modern day story of Joseph.

Truly, what man meant for evil, God meant for good.

An amazing story of love and forgiveness!

A must read!

Note: As part of the Tyndale Bloggers Network, I received a free copy of this book.


Mark Bouman said...

Thank you for taking the time to write an honest review about my book. It took me awhile to write my book since I couldn't clearly see what God was doing until much later in life. My hope is that God will use my book to help others realize that He is able to do the impossible no matter how broken their life may have been. Blessings Mark

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Wow! I came over to comment and see that Mark commented on your blog post. That is awesome!

I took your post and ran with it--bought the book and read it very quickly--could hardly put it down--I wanted to get to the end so badly but was so sad when it was over.

One of my top ten books I've ever read--maybe top five--I downloaded it because I like to read on my phone or IPad but made a trip to Mardel and bought it for my 22 year old grandson. I think he will love it.

Thank you so much for posting the review--it truly is a MUST READ!

Loved your latest post also--it is so so good and Godly--

Much love,

David and Sarah Puebla said...

Dianne, Thanks so much and so glad it was used to bring others to it. Suffering is horrendous and yet, used by God in so many ways. Love you