Saturday, March 14, 2015


Lately, I have had few words for this blog. I have had few words for my conversations with my Lord. I have had few words to share with others.

But, yesterday I had a play date with a new friend. Our kids played while we talked. Something that doesn't happen all too often. Just adult convo. She poured out her heart and cried tears and I looked over to my memorial wall. I told her the brief but detailed story of our last 6 years. Some of those memories make my stomach hurt and my throat close up.

But as I continued to relay our life story, I REMEMBERED!

I remembered all the amazing "coincidences" that occurred. I remembered all the mercy. I remembered the grace gifts to my boy-man. I REMEMBERED!

And I needed to.

I so often forget and need a nudge to jog this memory. 

Thank you sweet friend.


BARBIE said...

So thankful you were able to ponder and remember the goodness of God in the midst of all that you are going through.

Heather F. said...

I am so thankful for you!