Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Journey Through Depression and Life

Most of us have heard of the name Sheila Walsh. I grew up listening to her music. Some 20 years later she tells her story. Her life memoir of pain, hurt, grief and triumph. She was Loved Back to Life; thus, the name of her most recent book.

Sheila Walsh grew up in a troubled home but was given the gift of singing. So for many years she masked her pain with a smile and performing and in turn being loved for her music. But in the process losing herself and plunging to the depths of despair. Loved Back To Life is her journey from the most painful parts of life to finding true peace through Jesus Christ. Though she claimed to "know Jesus" she truly found Him once she surrendered her facade. And came to grips with His love, not man's. 

When dealing with the subject of depression, there are many controversies in Christian circles, but her balance of medication, counseling from God's Word, and facing the spiritual facts of sin, redemption, and grace was refreshing.

Whether you find yourself facing depression or just wanting to understand  others who do, this is a great book to pick up and read. 

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