Thursday, February 5, 2015

Miracle On Voodoo Mountain - Book Review

Courage. Faith. Determination. How does one twenty-something young woman defy the odds and move to a foreign country to be a rescuer?

Megan Boudreaux is this woman. She has written down this journey in an autobiography titled, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain. Megan grew up like thousands of American children. Good home. Education. Religion. But God got a hold of her heart and set her apart for a specific purpose. To rescue the children slaves in Haiti. 

Her story is one that inspires the reader to desire to be used. Instead of reading her memoir and saying,"That would never happen to me," one can easily see being used in some way in other's lives. 

What holds Megan together in the midst of corruption, loss, pain, disease, loneliness, and unanswered dreams is her faith in Jesus Christ. God miraculously answers her prayers and shows Himself faithful continually. She faces the most horrible forms of evil and the powers of the enemy. She gives God the glory through it all.

Megan has become one of my heroes of the faith. 

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