Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wall Of Remembrance

For many years I have been praying about my "memorial stones". After reading Hinds Feet in High Places, and being impressed about all those stones of remembrance she put in her pockets along life's journey to the high places, I desired to make a memorial for the Puebla Ponderosa to have to commemorate God's faithfulness to us.

So I had an idea. An idea of a remembrance wall. A place where we passed by daily and could take into our senses all that God has done and REMEMBER!  A place where my children can see visibly how God has rescued us and provided in amazing ways.

Just this week, life happened, and I walked over and read the past feats God accomplished in our lives and it encouraged me.

I knew I wanted the central point to be the journal pages from our family remembrances over the last 20 years. I printed them out on parchment paper, burned the edges and mounted them on a canvas that I painted. I then lacquered them.

Obviously, the "P" signifies the Puebla Ponderosa.

At first, when I was putting this wall together in my mind, I wanted the word "faithfulness" etched on something. But as time went on, I realized God's faithfulness wasn't changing, but our remembering to remember was. So my hubby cut out individual pieces of wood that I stenciled the letters to read "remember".

After we were married, I cross stitched our vows. I was determined to make this part of our wall of remembrance. These covenants were vital to the Ponderosa. God is the sustainer of all. He is the reason we exist.

Of course, pictures had to be part of the wall. I took a day a few weeks ago, to reminisce. If I am like each of you, I have gobs and gobs of pictures. If you were a fly on the wall of my heart you would have seen tears and heard laughter; sensed regret, and felt leaps of joy. Moments of treasured days have slipped away. It was good to remember in this way.

I strived to choose pictures that were integral parts of our lives for the past 20 years. 

Next, I had seen a beautiful piece of craftiness on pinterest with scrabble letter tiles. So I arranged our names and added an important dimension that has knit our family as one. A family from many backgrounds into a beautiful picture of art.

Before, Christmas last year I was given a creative chalkboard from this amazing online store. Each week we take turns writing what we are thankful for. My littlest had the last go round...in modern lingo...bff's...that's what she is thankful for.

Lastly, I knew I wanted Scripture that reminded us how this wall came to be and to Whom we give glory for His faithfulness. The Lord has encouraged us to be strong and to be still.

So, there you have it. I pray these displays are forever etched in our hearts. I encourage you to find that arena in which to carry your memorial stones. 

Much love from the Puebla Ponderosa

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love it! Love you all, Patty